Tutorial Replies on Your Instagram Stories

Mefglobalforum.org – Instagram allows all followers to view and reply to your stories by default, with comments sliding into your DM. To combat spam messages or limit certain individuals from commenting, you can disable replies on your stories, hide stories from certain people, or only share stories with select individuals. Here’s how to stop replies on your Instagram Stories.

How to Stop Replies on Your Instagram Stories

Tutorial Replies on Your Instagram Stories

To completely disable replies on Instagram Stories.

  1. To access settings on Instagram: Open the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner, then tap the hamburger menu at the top right and select “Settings”.
  2. In Settings, tap on the Privacy option, then select Story.
  3. To disable replies on Instagram Stories: Scroll down to the “Replying” section in settings, then select “Off” under “Allow message replies”. This will remove the reply option on your stories and prevent spam comments.
  4. To limit replies to accounts you follow: In the Replying section, select “People you follow”. This will only allow accounts you follow on Instagram to reply. This option can help reduce or eliminate spam if it is mostly from accounts you do not follow or know.

How to Stop Message Requests on Instagram

A more comprehensive approach to managing comments on Instagram Stories is to stop new message requests. By default, Instagram allows anyone to message you, but if you don’t follow the user, their messages will be in the Message requests section. By stopping message requests, you’ll not only block spam on your stories, but also from all other sources. Users you don’t follow will not be able to message you at all.

  1. To access Message settings on Instagram: On the Settings screen, select “Privacy” and then “Messages.
  2. To block message requests: In the Messages settings, select “Your followers” and then “Don’t receive requests”. This will prevent anyone from messaging you except for accounts you follow.
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How to Hide Your Instagram Stories From Specific People

An alternative to disabling comments on stories is to hide your stories from individuals who are sending spam messages. This prevents them from viewing your stories and commenting on them.

  1. To access Story settings on Instagram: On the Settings page, select “Privacy” and then “Story.”
  2. To hide stories from specific users: Under the “Hide story from” option in Story settings, tap “People”. Select all the users from whom you wish to hide your stories.

After selection, your stories will no longer be visible to the selected users.

How to Post a Story Only to Specific People on Instagram

An alternate approach is to make your stories viewable only to a select group of people you care about, instead of hiding it from all sources of spam.

  1. Open Instagram Settings > Privacy > Story option.
  2. To share stories with specific people: Under the “Close friends” option in Story settings, tap “People” and select all the accounts that you want to have access to your Instagram stories.
  3. To share a story with your Close friends list while posting: Tap on the arrow icon, select “Close friends” and then tap “Share.”
    Note: You can use the drop-down below the “Close friends” option to add or remove people from the list.

To share a story with everyone and allow them to comment on it, you can simply leave it in the “Story” option and tap “Share” when publishing.

To customize the Close friends list, go to your profile page, tap the hamburger menu, then select the Close friends option.

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Control Replies to Stop Instagram Stories Spam

A more effective method to combat spam on Instagram is to block the offending user. To do this, open their profile, tap the three-dot menu icon, and select the “Block” option. Additionally, you can report the user for spam. Understand the distinctions between blocking, reporting, and restricting on Instagram and how to implement each. Additionally, you can also turn off comments for Instagram ads, live videos, posts, and videos. Learn how now.

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