Quick Tips for Facebook

Useful Facebook Tips: Go viral. Facebook being amongst the most popular social network website, already comes with a number of useful Facebook tips and suggestions. Here have compiled a collection of various Facebook tricks you want to try out on your own Facebook profile. If you are willing to put in some time, these may help you get maximum exposure for your business.

One of the coolest Facebook fb tricks you can try is creating a group of fans and inviting them to a virtual meeting. It doesn’t require much effort on the part of you – all you need is a web camera, an IP address and a few friends willing to share the experience of your group. The first step here is to invite your friends and click ‘invites.’ Now once your friends accept, they would appear online as a part of your virtual community – everyone is able to see everyone else in your group.

Another cool trick you may look into is using Facebook photo albums and sharing snaps from the album with your friends. However, you should do so sparingly – for every photo you upload in your gallery, Facebook shall automatically notify its members every time a new pic appears online. For instance, if you uploaded a snap of your pet tiger and posted it in your Facebook photo album; every time someone likes or comments on that post, a message would appear online alerting all your friends about the snap. The cool thing here is that, you don’t have to physically upload each and every image you post; hence the possibility of ‘lazy’ uploading countless pictures is eliminated!

Another fun Facebook trick you can try is the idea of sending friend requests to random people who appear to be connected to your social media circle. You could easily do this by copying and pasting an HTML code from anywhere on the web. Once you have copied and pasted the code, head over to your social media site of choice, and click on ‘Applications’. After clicking on the ‘Create Account’ link that appears on the homepage, fill in all the necessary information and click on the ‘Submit Information’ button. If you have not set up your own profile yet, when you are ready; head to the’Applications’ section of your Facebook home page and type in the required details.

One of the easiest tricks you can pull off with Facebook is creating an interactive activity log. An activity log is a summary of recent activities, your friends have been doing online. This can be anything related to your network (such as uploading pictures), or you can simply create a log of your own to keep track of the things you do online. The idea here is that whenever you log onto your Facebook account, you will see first – the activity log that others are viewing; and second – the news feeds those people are viewing. Thus, whenever you check the news feeds, you can see first – the latest activity that people did online, and second – the news feeds that other people are viewing.

Another one of Facebook’s tricks is setting up preferences for your desktop. By setting up your desktop and notebook to have different settings, you can mark preferences that you don’t want to be shown whenever you log onto Facebook. For instance, if you don’t like the desktop wallpaper you are seeing, you can mark the preference so it won’t be shown any longer. You can even change the desktop border and the icons to make your browsing experience on Facebook even more interesting.

Perhaps the best tip you can get is to explore the app settings by tapping on the word “App”. Once you have done so, tap on” Settings” and then again on “Control Panel”. From time to time, Facebook will appear at the top of this control panel; you can click on it and review the different preferences you have set up. You can change the different elements by clicking on each item one at a time.

The third most useful Facebook tip is to use the app bar. This handy little bar will display all the tools you need to perform a particular task. Click on the clock in the center of the app bar and look at how much time you save by using the clock option. When you save time by using the app bar, you can use the clock to see how much time you have left until your next appointment, party, or whatever activity you want to be doing on Facebook. This is very convenient and will definitely save you a lot of time.