How to Gameshare on Xbox

Mefglobalforum.orgSharing games on Xbox can be a great way to expand your library and save money on new purchases. You can use gamesharing on both Xbox One and the latest Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, but keep in mind that games from the Xbox Series X cannot be played on an Xbox One.

Gamesharing on Xbox allows you to designate one console as your “home” machine. Any games you purchase and download on that console will be playable by anyone who uses it. Additionally, users can access and play their own games on any console they’ve logged into.

How to Gameshare on Xbox

Gamesharing allows you to share access to each other’s games by designating a friend’s Xbox as your “home” console, and vice versa. This means you’ll have access to their games and they’ll have access to yours. It may sound complicated, but it’s a simple and effective way to share games.

Before we go over the steps for gamesharing, it’s important to note that you can only change your designated “home” Xbox five times in a 12-month period, so choose your gamesharing partner carefully. In addition, Microsoft offers the Xbox Game Pass, which allows up to five people to share membership benefits, so this may be an alternative to consider in the future.

Now that you’re aware of the limitations and alternative options, let’s proceed with the steps for gamesharing on Xbox Series X and S.

How to gameshare on Xbox Series X and S

  1. To access a friend’s game library, you’ll need to enter their account information on your console. Similarly, if you want them to be able to play your games, they’ll need to enter your account information on their console. To begin, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the menu.
  2. Now navigate to the Profile & System tab and select Add or switch.
  3. When asked “who are you?”, click Add new.
  4. To share games, you need to sign in with your friend’s Microsoft account on your console (or have them sign in with your account on their console).
  5. After signing in, navigate back to the Profile & System tab and select “Add or switch”. Then choose your friend’s account (or have them select your account on their console).
  6. Press the Xbox button on your controller again. Go back to the Profile & System tab, this time select “Settings”.
  7. Select General in the left-hand menu and select Personalization.
  8. Now select My home Xbox.
  9. Finally, click Make this my home Xbox.
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Congratulations! You can now access your friend’s digital games on your console (and they can access yours if you’ve also followed the process on their console). If you want to play your own games, just switch back to your own accounts. Also, if one of you has an Xbox Game Pass, the other can enjoy that too, which means you could split the cost of one subscription.

If you have other consoles such as PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you can also learn how to share games on those platforms. Additionally, you might be interested in learning how to change your gamertag or set up parental controls on Xbox Series X or S. If your Xbox is running slow, you can also learn how to clear the cache to speed it up.

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