How to block ads on iPhone for Free – It’s understandable to want to block ads on iPhone as they can be highly disruptive to the mobile browsing experience and interfere with enjoying your favorite content on a limited screen space.

The iPhone’s built-in browser, Safari, only has a pop-up blocker and not an ad-blocker, which can be frustrating. However, it’s possible to block ads on iPhone without purchasing additional software by using the Opera browser. Opera is a browser that not many people seem to know about but I believe it is a hidden gem. It is free to download and I have been using it on my desktop devices for years and I really enjoy it.

Opera is a great choice for a browser as it is efficient, dependable, visually pleasing and offers unique built-in features for desktop users. These include extensions for social and messaging apps, a free VPN and the ability to block pop-ups and ads.

how to block ads on iphone for free

Opera also has a crypto wallet feature and a specialized version of the browser for PC and mobile called Opera GX, which is optimized for gaming. It’s not surprising that Opera browser made it onto our list of top ad blockers. Opera’s mobile version lacks the social extensions and free VPN, but it does include an ad blocker. This allows you to browse without seeing intrusive ads. You may find that you enjoy using Opera and want to share it with your friends. To block ads on your iPhone for free with Opera, follow these instructions.

How to block ads on iPhone for free using Opera browser

  1. To download Opera browser on your iPhone, swipe down on the home screen to open Search, type in “opera browser,” then tap either the “Get” icon or the “iCloud” icon if you previously downloaded it. The application will begin downloading.
  2. Launch the Opera web browser. If you’re using Opera for the first time, select Continue on the initial welcome screen before selecting Next to accept the data gathering warning. Switch on Ad Blocking and select “Start browsing” on the following panel. The end of that.
  3. Please take note that you can subsequently modify your options for data gathering in the Privacy Consent area of your browser settings. You should take this action to minimize the information that Opera collects and uses.
  4. If you’ve used Opera before or if you want to modify your ad blocking preferences, select Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines symbol in the lower right corner of your screen.
  5. Tap Ad Blocking
  6. Toggle on Ad Blocking
  7. Now that you’ve blocked those ads, we have a variety of tutorials available to help you utilize your iPhone to its fullest potential. We can guide you through transferring data from one iPhone to another, speeding up a slow iPhone, switching the iPhone stopwatch to an analog display, and cleaning up your contacts book by showing you how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone.
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