5 Best PDF Splitter Tools and Methods

Mefglobalforum.org – A PDF document can be divided into smaller pieces using a tool called a PDF splitter. This can be helpful if the PDF file is too big for your intended usage or if you only require a few pages from the document and wish to eliminate the others. Despite its intricacy, dividing a PDF only only a few clicks and may be done either online or offline. You could already have some programs installed on your computer that can do this work.

How PDF Splitting Works

Our list of alternatives below offers several ways to divide a PDF, such as “exploding” the file into separate files, one for each page of the original document, removing particular pages, or deleting particular areas to save only the required portion. You could have the choice to split the PDF in half when choosing individual pages to extract, creating two separate PDFs with half of the pages in each. For instance, a 100-page document can be divided into two PDFs that each have 50 pages.

You can pick a specific range of pages to split using tools for PDFs. For instance, if a file has 225 pages but you only need pages 10–50 and 22–25, you can split it into several PDFs that each include just those pages. The option to combine these chosen ranges is also available with some splitters, creating a single PDF that only contains pages 10 through 225 and leaves out pages 1 through 9 and 51 to 222. A method for when the file is too big to upload or transfer electronically is to divide the document by size using powerful PDF splitters. The tool lets you quickly select the desired size for each piece, and it will split the PDF into as many files as are required to fit that size.

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Google Chrome

5 Best PDF Splitter Tools and Methods

Chrome can be used to save individual pages or a selection of pages to a separate PDF file. You may turn any file into a PDF and save it to your computer by utilizing Chrome’s built-in PDF printing feature. Furthermore, Chrome’s capability to access and read PDF files makes splitting PDF files simple.

Here’s how to use Chrome to extract certain pages from a PDF.

  1. You can access the PDF by typing its URL or by pressing the Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac) keyboard shortcut to open a local file from your computer.
  2. As you would when printing to paper, choose the option to print the page, but in Chrome, instead of printing, select “Save as PDF” from the Destination drop-down menu.
  3. If you pick “Custom” from the Pages drop-down menu, you can specify a range of pages, or you can choose either odd or even pages from the same menu.
  4. Enter the PDF page numbers that you want to extract. For instance, enter 2 to save only page 2. By separating several pages or page ranges with commas, you can even specify more than one page. For instance, type 2,4-6 to save pages 2 through 6.
  5. Save


A PDF can be easily divided into separate pages online using the iLovePDF service. The PDF can be uploaded from your computer, using a Dropbox or Google Drive account, or any other location. After choosing the file, you may choose between breaking the PDF into page ranges or extracting all of the pages. By combining all the extracted ranges into a single PDF using the Custom Ranges option, you may successfully remove some pages from the original PDF while maintaining the remaining pages. Each page is separated into a separate PDF using the Extract all pages option. You will receive a ZIP file containing 254 PDFs, for instance, if the PDF contains 254 pages.

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The website Smallpdf provides a number of alternatives for dividing and altering PDFs. You can extract individual pages into PDFs after uploading the document, but this option costs money. Alternatively, you can extract only particular pages to produce a tailored PDF.

You can flip the pages and download each one separately or receive them all in a tidy ZIP file by choosing the option to create individual PDFs from each page. You will have a preview of the pages to choose from if you decide to split particular pages, making the procedure user-friendly.

The PDF can be divided and then compressed, combined with other PDFs, converted to Word, and even edited on the same website. When adding specific pages from different PDFs, the option to combine some of your PDF’s pages with specific pages from another PDF saves time by eliminating the need for further extraction and merging stages.

All files uploaded to the website will be automatically deleted after an hour for privacy reasons.

PDF Split and Merge (PDFsam)

Users of the free and flexible PDF editing program PDFsam can combine, extract, rotate, and split PDF files. Similar split options like those in Adobe Acrobat are available here, but for free. Users can divide a PDF into two independent PDFs by choosing a specific page number, by even or odd pages, or by splitting the document into different PDFs for each page. The software also has the option to split the PDF at every “n” pages, which gives users greater flexibility.

As an illustration, if you opt to split a 100-page PDF after every 7 pages, you will end up with 15 PDFs: 14 with 7 pages each and one with 2 pages. The software also offers options to split by size or bookmarks for papers with bookmarks or big file sizes. Users can use the Extract option and select the required pages or page ranges to export in order to extract individual pages.

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Adobe Acrobat

Similar to PDFsam, Adobe Acrobat is an effective tool for segmenting PDF files into several parts. The PDF can be divided based on page count, file size, or top-level bookmarks. For instance, if you wish to produce three separate documents, each with two pages, out of a 6-page PDF, you can choose “Number of pages” to be 2, and Adobe Acrobat will do so.

Furthermore, Adobe Acrobat makes it simple to upload huge PDF files to websites with file size limitations or send them via email by using the “File Size” option to divide the PDF into smaller pieces. In Adobe Acrobat, go to the Tools menu, pick Organize Pages, then select the PDF you want to split. You can utilize the Tools > Pages > Split Document option in older versions of Adobe Acrobat.

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